008: The Emotion Code and Body Code with Ruth Kent

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Is your mind cluttered with racing thoughts and unnecessary chatter? Are you feeling emotionally and physically bogged down? Ruth Kent shares 2 “codes” that help remove the “clutter in the attic” and help discover the means to live a life of joy through freedom.

Fun Fact about Ruth:

  • Ruth loves humor.  She has learned to laugh at herself.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Be inspired as Ruth shares her personal mission statement… to live a life of joy through freedom that’s aligned with God.
  • Listen as Ruth discusses how to meet people where they’re at, how to love yourself and be grateful for who you are and what your next step is.
  • Learn why Ruth believes we’re called to love people to their potential and to hold everyone in a place of love & gratitude.
  • Ruth shares how to be a product of the product.
  • Learn more about Emotion Code: a form of energy that will tap into the person’s subconscious.
  • Be encouraged as Ruth shares – it isn’t our job to be perfect, it’s our job to allow God to do the perfecting.


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About Ruth:



Ruth recently retired from 47 years of Healthcare and 41 years of Intensive Care Nursing.  She believes helping people is rewarding, but to help individuals be aware of an effective and simple self-help tool is what truly has her excited. 


In 2008 Ruth became Certified in Emotion Code. In 2010 she became Certified in Body Code.  Her own personal health and life has been miraculously touched with this work.


Finding and releasing the core cause of emotional or/and physical blocks or imbalances is the energy work Ruth calls The Emotion Code and Body Code.


Ruth shares, The Emotion Code and Body Code, internationally with clients through her practice and is blessed to teach the Emotion Code Seminars.  She has done TV and Radio presentations, webinars and is known for her work with humans and with animals.


Join Ruth in discovering the means to live a life of joy through freedom.


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