042: The Teachable Minutes with Dr. Connie Hebert

DrConnieHebert_Episode Graphic Are you a parent or grandparent who desires to raise smart and appreciative children? Dr. Connie Hebert shares the secret in this inspiring conversation. Read more [...]

041: Break the Barriers with Carrie Charles

CarrieCharles_Episode Graphic Our ability to overcome any unwelcoming life experience is directly tied to how we view adversity. We are wired to bounce back in life, lets bounce Read more [...]

040: Get Your BRAVE ON with Jena Rodriguez

JenaRodriguez_Episode Graphic There's a BIG difference between brand and branding. Jena Rodriguez covers it ALL in this episode by sharing the Brandarity Method. You will want Read more [...]

039: The Communication Stylist with Nikki Elledge Brown

NikkiElledgeBrown_Episode Graphic Nikki Elledge Brown is ALL ABOUT "copy" -- what you write everywhere and ensuring it reflects who you ARE to ensure you attract your "dreamies" Read more [...]

038: Change Your Money Mindset with Trisha Funk

TrishaFunk_Episode Graphic Money is not good or bad. What matters most is what you decide to do with it. Listen in to this encouraging conversation about finances with Trisha Read more [...]

037: The Best Yes with Lysa TerKeurst

LysaTerKeurst_Episode Graphic Evaluation eliminates frustrations. When you're faced with making another life decision you will want to use the process my guest, Lysa TerKeurst Read more [...]

036: Organized For Success with Shannon McGinnis

ShannonMcGinnis_Episode Graphic We ALL have so much clutter in our lives from physical stuff to out of control email inboxes it's TOO MUCH! Ease the overwhelm and increase your Read more [...]

035: Wrecked in a Beautiful Way with Kristen Welch

KristenWelch_Episode Graphic What does it look like to respond to what you see and hear? THIS conversation will get your wheels turning and inspire YOU in a whole new way. Read more [...]

034: Rock Bottom Is A Beautiful Place with Diane Cunningham

DianeCunningham_Episode Graphic After hitting lows of lows, rock bottom -- you realize it's truly a beautiful place! Diane Cunningham sees the valley's of life through those glasses. Read more [...]

033: Change the “What If” About Your Dreams with Joy Sutton

JoySutton_Episode Graphic You will never be able to re-live today, set fear, life circumstances, and self-doubt aside and choose to go after your dreams! Your unique contribution Read more [...]