052: Mothering from Scratch with Melinda Means

MelindaMeans_Episode Graphic Are YOU a mom who fights discouragement and the feeling that you're always falling short or not doing it the "right" way? Melinda Means is the Read more [...]

051: Put Yourself Out There Be Visible with Kerry Sheppard

KerrySheppard_Episode Graphic From freedom and success to putting yourself out there through video to gain visibility for your business or something your passionate about is Read more [...]

050: Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda with Cheri Toledo

DrCheriToledo_Episode Graphic Get off the woulda, shoulda, coulda island -- strive for excellence NOT perfection! Dr. Cheri Toledo is dedicated to helping smart, competitive Read more [...]

049: We Are His Daughters with Mandy Lawrence-Hill

MandyHill_Episode Graphic Bad things happen to everyone -- no one can escape the unexpected or the curveballs life brings! Sometimes, when we experience challenges we wonder, Read more [...]

048: No Stranger to Hard Work with Molly Dalbec

MollyDalbec_Episode Graphic A popular topic that continues to surface is discovering how to live your passion and purpose. WHY? Because SO many people are searching for it Read more [...]

047: Night and Day Difference with Hannah Kallio

HannahKallio_Episode Graphic Do you struggle with finding space in your day to have quiet time? Hannah Kallio focuses on equipping moms of school-age children, especially those Read more [...]

046: The Do Good Company with Sally McClellan

SallyMcClellan_Episode Graphic There are many major decisions every high school and college aged student needs to make. Confidence in these choices is crucial and most parents Read more [...]

045: Scarlet Cord of Hope with Sheryl Griffin

SherylGriffin_Episode Graphic To break free from the "scarlet cords" that bind many of us like shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, and anger -- we must embrace the 3 areas of forgiveness. Read more [...]

044: Grace and Lace with Melissa Hinnant

MelissaHinnant_Episode Graphic From tragedy to triumph a love for knitting birthed within Melissa Hinnant, the founder of Grace & Lace, as seen on Shark Tank, and a journey Read more [...]

043: I Am Baker with Amanda Rettke

AmandaRettke_Episode Graphic I Am Baker, Amanda Rettke is SO MUCH more than a baker! We cover a lot of ground in this fun, inspirational conversation. Learn how to find joy Read more [...]