047: Night and Day Difference with Hannah Kallio

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Do you struggle with finding space in your day to have quiet time? Hannah Kallio focuses on equipping moms of school-age children, especially those who are also entrepreneurs, make time to connect with God, and feel more connected throughout the day. They get more done and feel less stress. This process, the “Night and Day Difference” can make ALL the difference and the best part is — you don’t have to get up early! Don’t miss this conversation!

Fun Fact about Hannah:

  • Hannah was born in Israel. She is passionate about biblical archeology.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Hannah shares how she feels if we listen to God and to each other can transform our lives.
  • Hannah shares how fluent listening means listening to God and others in a way where it happens naturally.
  • Hannah shares how people feel so much more heard and understood when we give them the gift of listening.

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About Hannah:

HannahKallio_RoundHannah Kallio helps women recognize God’s voice in their lives so they can experience more of His peace and do more of what matters.

She’s a wife, mom of five, and Certified Christian Coach.

She and her family experiment with simple ways to experience the kingdom in their daily lives. Learn more about them, and the life-changing power of listening, at hannahkallio.org.



Connect with Hannah:


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