046: The Do Good Company with Sally McClellan

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There are many major decisions every high school and college aged student needs to make. Confidence in these choices is crucial and most parents need direction to give direction! Sally McClellan equips youth to discover what they are good at so they can go out into the world and do good! Don’t miss her insight as she share the 3 components of the Do Good Pathway which will surely set anyone up for success!

Fun Fact about Sally:

  • Sally went to school to be an art teacher.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Sally shares how we really need someone to be our cheerleader… if you see someone doing great, let them know.
  • Sally shares how every child needs 5-6 positive adult influences.
  • Sally encourages you to look at every young person as if you can impact them in a way to keep them on a positive track.

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About Sally:

SallyMcClellan_RoundSally has been married for 25 years to a man who makes her laugh every day and completely supports her passion of helping young people.

She has three adult children who are all pursuing majors/careers that are excellent fits for them.


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