045: Scarlet Cord of Hope with Sheryl Griffin

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To break free from the “scarlet cords” that bind many of us like shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, and anger — we must embrace the 3 areas of forgiveness. Listen in to this encouraging conversation with Sheryl Griffin. She’s been on a life journey struggling with co-pendancy, low self esteem, abusive relationships, un-forgiveness, un-healthy boundaries, abortion, anxiety, and panic attacks to a life filed with HOPE!

Fun Fact about Sheryl:

  • Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, Sheryl decorates for Christmas and starts listening to Christmas music. Her favorite Christmas movie is Christmas with the Kranks.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Sheryl shares the importance of boundaries… it’s okay to say no and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.
  • Sheryl shares that someone else’s emergency doesn’t mean it’s an emergency for you.
  • Be encouraged as Sheryl shares that if you have a check in your spirit it’s okay to say “no thank-you”.
  • Be inspired as Sheryl shares her journey of forgiveness.
  • Sheryl shares her tips to accept and receive forgiveness for yourself.

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About Sheryl:

SherylGriffing_RoundSheryl is an author and speaker. In 2007, Sheryl suffered a severe panic attack, which led to the diagnoses of post-traumatic stress disorder, along with panic and anxiety. Sheryl understands first hand, the power that guilt, shame, and fear can hold over your life.

She shares from her heart, her experiences, and from a biblical perspective. She speaks with passion and confidence gained from her own journey in search of HOPE.

For more information or to book an event please visit www.SherylGriffin.com

Connect with Sheryl:


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