043: I Am Baker with Amanda Rettke

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I Am Baker, Amanda Rettke is SO MUCH more than a baker! We cover a lot of ground in this fun, inspirational conversation. Learn how to find joy in all circumstances and embrace every season of your life. OH and you will LOVE her fun fact, like me, it might become a fun fact about you too! Join US!

Fun Fact about Amanda:

  • Amanda loves to gargle peroxide everyday.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Amanda shares that her heart is her home… she feels like it’s what she’s here for.
  • Be inspired to take the time to realize what your current season of life is… and embrace it.
  • Amanda shares that she’s insecure about her photography… and she doesn’t define herself as a photographer.
  • Amanda is very die hard about honoring her husband and never bashing him in a public way.
  • Amanda is passionate about finding joy in spite of her circumstances.
  • Amanda shares that you can feel the sadness but not let it rule you… you can still have joy in your heart that over rules that.

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About Amanda:

AmandaRettke_RoundAmanda Rettke began her food blogging career in October 2010 with the introduction of her first surprise-inside cake, and since then she’s been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Country living, Midwest Living, Brides, and Romantic Homes just to name a few.

A regular contributor to Food Network and HuffPost Food online, she has also been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and marthastewart.com.

She lives with her husband and five children near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Connect with Amanda:


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