036: Organized For Success with Shannon McGinnis

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We ALL have so much clutter in our lives from physical stuff to out of control email inboxes it’s TOO MUCH! Ease the overwhelm and increase your productivity by getting rid of the “shoulds” in your mind! Listen in to this conversation with Shannon McGinnis, she’s all about organization and the gift it gives! The feelings groundedness, freedom, and calm are priceless. Learn her 5 strategies!

Fun Fact about Shannon:

  • Shannon has been organizing since she was 12 years old.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Shannon shares how the mental space that your list of “shoulds” (the things you think you should be doing) takes away from the other things you’re doing during the day.
  • Shannon encourages you to tackle your projects in 10 minute increments by using a timer.
  • Shannon shares how the principals are the same, regardless of what needs organizing… the important thing is to just get started.
  • Shannon shares her 5 strategies for eliminating the clutter in your life.


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About Shannon:

ShannonMcGinnis_RoundCertified Professional Organizer Shannon McGinnis has over 12 years of experience clearing clutter and creating organizational systems to increase productivity.

Shannon is the author of two instructional organizing books: The 10-Minute Tidy for the Home and The 10-Minute Tidy for the Office.

Shannon is CEO of Organized4Success.com with locations in CA and MN. She and her consultants provide on site confidential, non-judgmental organizing assistance for residential and corporate clients.

Shannon is also a sought after professional speaker who offers live and online presentations for people ready to be more productive.


Connect with Shannon:

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