033: Change the “What If” About Your Dreams with Joy Sutton

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You will never be able to re-live today, set fear, life circumstances, and self-doubt aside and choose to go after your dreams! Your unique contribution matters in this world — GET MOVING! Experience true “moments of JOY” during this conversation with dynamic TV host, entertainer and award-winning journalist Joy Sutton

Fun Fact about Joy:

  • When Joy was 13 years old, she performed at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Joy shares that a dream never dies unless you let it.
  • Joy shares her passion for helping women discover their dreams.
  • Be encouraged to fulfill your dreams… Joy shares how fulfilling your dream is your contribution to the world.
  • Be inspired to change your negative “what ifs” to positive “what ifs”.
  • Joy shares how your dreams are like seeds… they have so much potential, so much purpose, and they serve a purpose but if we don’t water them… they don’t fulfill their purpose.
  • Joy shares that you don’t have to have all the answers… you just have to get moving.
  • Joy encourages you to protect your dreams. Don’t let people talk you out of your dreams or discourage your dreams.


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About Joy:

JoySutton_RoundJoy Sutton is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, dynamic TV host, entertainer and award-winning journalist who the media often describe as the next Oprah.

Joy brings her funny, warm and entertaining personality to ‘The Joy Sutton Show’, interviewing experts and everyday women about topics ranging from extreme weight loss and dating to the power of forgiveness and the secrets of success. And she’s not afraid to tackle taboo subjects from the boardroom to the bedroom. Joy’s inquisitive and no-holds barred personality makes segments relatable and uniquely tailored for women.

Joy’s days of entertaining started as far back as she can remember with a theatrical performance at New York’s famed Apollo Theater. Her path to success would eventually lead her to a career in journalism. Some of the highlights of her career include package producing for Entertainment Tonight and Hard Copy, covering the impeachment hearings of President Bill Clinton, and serving as anchor/ health reporter for CBS affiliate WDBJ for more than a decade.

Joy is also a proud graduate of Howard University where she received her degree in journalism. She also holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotions from Virginia Tech.

In 2011, Joy took a leap of faith and followed her childhood dream of having her own talk show and launched her own production company, Sutton Impact Media, LLC.

‘The Joy Sutton Show’, now in its fourth season, reaches more than 18,000 households weekly brining female viewers an honest, meaningful perspective on what it means to be a woman in today’s world regardless of age, race or position in life.
Joy is a testament that dreams really do come true. Through ‘The Joy Sutton Show’, she is on a mission to empower women to live their best lives and to find their JOY.

“A dream never dies unless you let it,” says Joy. “We all have dreams and my goal is to help every woman unlock her true potential.”


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