032: Growing Through the Narrow Spots with Ruth Bachman

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Life is full of narrow spots. You can go through them kicking and screaming or you can let yourself go. Ruth Bachman is a cancer survior who brings a timeless message about the one constant in life — change. Listen in. Be inspired.

Fun Fact about Ruth:

  • Ruth is a mountain climber.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Ruth shares the power of knowing what to keep in your life and what to let go of in your life.
  • Ruth shares how life is full of narrow spots… and you can kick and scream thru them or just let yourself go thru them.
  • Ruth shares that as much as we think we can avoid change… the truth is, change is inevitable.
  • Ruth shares the importance of paying attention to how you’ve navigated thru past narrow spots… so you can understand how to go thru them in the future.
  • Be encouraged to face challenges in faith, knowing that it is possible to MOVE FORWARD with a positive outcome!
  • Ruth shares that authority comes from within… not from the outside.


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About Ruth:

RuthBachman_Round A cancer survivor, mountain climber, author, inspiring presenter, and woman of faith.

Ruth Bachman contributes her time, her resources and her talents on behalf of cancer research, education and advocacy, bringing a timeless message to diverse audiences, about the one constant in life — change.   





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