031: Embrace the Now with Char Dobbs

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What do YOU want your clothing to say about you? Get rid of the “thens” the woulds, shoulds, coulds AND love your body, love your shape! Be inspired by this conversation. Char Dobbs shares her “secret” concept for the clothes in your closet, CPW. Plus tips to help you identify your unique style, release what no longer works, and build-on what makes you feel your best.

Fun Fact about Char:

  • Char knows how to play chess but she doesn’t know how to play checkers. Char was a chess champion.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Char shares why she wants people to feel empowered and confident.
  • Char explains how she can work within a lot of people’s budget to create the look that they need.
  • Char’s goal is for every piece of your closet to be useful and effective.
  • Learn what CPW means (cost per wear) and how to apply it to your wardrobe.


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About Char:

CharDobbs_RoundChar is owner of Char Style & Image. Originally from an engineering background, she mixes her love of great style and logistics to help women build a wardrobe that authentically reflects who they are — personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Char helps clients identify their unique style, release what no longer works, and build-on what makes them feel their best.

She resides in Minneapolis but is no stranger to the East & West Coast. She enjoys indulging in sunshine, travel adventures, spending time with family & friends, trying new restaurants, and a great book. 



Connect with Char:


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