030: Pray Truth with Erika Dawson

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Wives, what does God want for your husband? Seeking the answer to that question could impact your marriage in a BIG way!  Erika Dawson shares a little book that has been a powerful tool to help women pray truth for their husbands consistently. Listen in to learn the concept of “Spend 5″ you will be glad you did!

Fun Fact about Erika:

  • When Erika was single she submitted an audition tape to Survivor. She’s an outdoor girl.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Erika shares how success is determined not by the dreams that we dream but by the choices that we make… we can have lots of dreams but until we make the right choices we won’t be successful.
  • Be encouraged to stop fighting WITH your husband and start fighting FOR him!
  • Erika shares how a wife’s prayers for her husband have far greater effect on him… even more than his mother’s prayers.
  • Be encouraged to pray for the issues of your husband’s heart.
  • Be encouraged to GET REAL with God! In doing so, a wall in your heart will begin to break and God will move in mighty ways.
  • Erika discusses “Spend 5″ and the impact it can have on your marriage.


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About Erika:

ErikaDawson_RoundErika’s heart is for encouraging others to live out an authentic, courageous faith and equipping families to disciple their children.

She is the author of “Pray Truth: Praying God’s Word for our Husband’s Heart” and “Clean on the Inside: A Family Devotional for Holy Week.”




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