025: Do Good Events with Kalsey Beach

Do Good Events - Kalsey Beach

Details. Details. Details. Whether you’re planning an event for fundraising, charity, business, networking, or a personal party in 2015 listen to this conversation with Kalsey Beach of Go Good Events. She shares 6 Event Planning “must know tips” you most likely have not thought of!

Fun Facts about Kalsey:

  • Kalsey has an extra rib.
  • Kalsey in an adventure junkie.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Kalsey shares how to have a successful event.
  • Kalsey shares why it’s important to send out invitations for an event 3-8 weeks in advance.
  • Kalsey shares ideas on how to get the word out about your event using email and social media.
  • Kalsey shares why it’s important to have signed contracts.


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About Kalsey:

KalseyBeach_RoundKalsey Beach is the founder of Do Good Events. She grew up the student council junkie and campus programmer extraordinaire and after years of event planning experience in the Twin Cities started her business a little over two years ago.

She focuses on taking the stress of event planning off her clients plates, giving them back their time and allowing them to be the host at their function. She truly believes events are part of what makes our world go round – they allow people to connect, make memories and build relationships.

She lives in Plymouth with her husband and loves to run, read, check out new restaurants, giggle with girlfriends and travel.


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