024: Win Win Connections with Teresa Thomas

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Tap into the power of Win/Win Connections. Networking is really about seeing our interconnectedness and finding the ways we can lift each other up. This conversation is packed with tips and great insights from networking expert Teresa Thomas to help you graduate from shy to shining.

Fun Fact about Teresa:

  • Teresa is a professional networker/connector but she grew up painfully shy. She still feels shyness and uses the tools she uses to help others when she feels shy.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Teresa shares that you can lose everything and your going to be okay but what really matters is how we treat each other.
  • Teresa shares that when you shine a light on others it reflects back on you.
  • Teresa shares tips to help you identify what types of events/opportunities will work best for you.
  • Teresa encourages you to identify WHY you’re networking… ex: to learn something, to find someone to collaborate with, etc. so that you can develop the win/win connections.


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About Teresa:

TeresaThomas_RoundTeresa Thomas shares her passion for creating energizing connections through networking events, facilitated workshops, speaking and her recently released networking guidebook, “How to Tap into the Power of Win/Win Connections.”

Teresa believes networking is really about seeing our interconnectedness and finding the ways we can lift each other up.​




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