019: WOW! Wholehearted Living with Alicia Economos

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Become your biggest fan by de-cluttering your life and getting through the STUFF — the emotional, physical, and spiritual STUFF! Listen in to this transparent conversation with Alicia and Learn how getting to the core and nurturing your relationship with you will give you incredible results that stick.

Fun Fact about Alicia:

  • The first 40 years of her life, she believed she wasn’t at all artistic/creative. Alicia came from a perfectionist family. She decluttered her beliefs, decided to give herself permission to be less than perfect, to be creative, & found that she has a very creative spirit. She likens it to getting out of jail.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Alicia will encourage you to have a greater sensitivity to the obstacles in your life. She explains how they are sometimes from God. We should stop… wait… trust… be mindful.
  • Alicia shares that the foundation of your relationship with God is your relationship with yourself. She encourages you to stop being self-critical. Instead, be your biggest fan. Just look in the mirror with the heartfelt belief that the day you were created WAS a GOOD DAY for God.
  • Alicia encourages you to identify your inner critic. Nurture your own heart.
  • Alicia encourages you to get up every day believing that what you do makes a difference.


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About Alicia:

AliciaEconomos_RoundAlicia Economos is the founder and director of “WOW! Wholehearted Living.” A certified trainer, author and heart coach, Alicia is also a sough-after speaker.

Audiences everywhere benefit from her tremendous insights, heartfelt enthusiasm and surprising simple approach to living wholeheartedly.

Drawing from twenty-plus years of working with clients, Alicia is passionate about helping women to live wholeheartedly; loving God, yourself and others, with ALL your heart.



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