018: Women Infused with Kristi Olson

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Do not be silent, Speak UP! Listen into this powerful conversation with Kristi Olson about Unveiled Voices, where secular meets the sacred. The released expressions of women through purposeful words and actions that change the world.

Fun Facts about Kristi:

  • Kristi is a closet knitter/crocheter.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Be encouraged as Kristi shares that as we unveil our voice, we get clarity; as we let our voices be heard, we can influence change in the world.
  • Kristi shares the 7 Cultural Pillars- places we can affect change in the world… Business, arts & entertainment, media, education, government, religion, & family.
  • Kristi shares how In Unveiled Voices of Women Infused, there are 3 S’s: Seek, Speak, & Step. In Seeking, we uncover our signature voice. Speaking clarifies your divine message. Stepping up in faith, you find your “spotlight strength.”
  • Kristi shares that concrete results of the Seek, Speak, Step process are clarity, power, confidence, greater focus, joy, purpose. You get a fresh perspective of what your assignment is in this season of your life.


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About Kristi:

KristiLynnOlson_RoundI’m all about Purpose. Women Infused, Purpose with Spirit. We are a movement of women who are choosing to walk out our lives in the spirit of Purpose, and even deeper still in the Spirit of God.

I mentor and lead women business owners and women in business who know they need to make a shift — they might not be sure what that looks like — but they know it’s time for something more. So we take a look at their Business & Life through the lens of purpose & values first. Find out where it might be out of alignment, and help them design a value-based, mission driven business and lifestyle that speaks to their Bigger WHY.

The power of their Bigger WHY, as they begin to unveil their voice, their truest identity, value, and vision, has the potential to effect social change and impact the world. These are women of influence and impact, infused with purpose and spirit.



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