017: Inspired by the Lives of Others with Rebecca Metz


We can learn so much personally and professionally through the lives of others! Rebecca Metz spent 15 minutes with Mother Teresa, listen in to hear what she walked away with.

Fun Fact about Rebecca:

  • Rebecca got to meet Mother Teresa. She had finished 3 years in Japan as an English teacher, took the long way home, via India. She met people who had volunteered as missionaries in Calcutta w/ Mother Teresa. So for one month she stayed at a youth hostel type place & worked at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity with handicapped orphans. She helped the nuns in their daily care. A housemate invited her to go with her to the Mother House to make a donation. Rebecca and her friend got to sit with her personally for about 15 minutes.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Rebecca shares how you will have lots of setbacks and tedious chores to do before you get to do the work that God gives you.
  • Rebecca explains why it’s important to plan, do and review when you get a “no”.
  • Be inspired as Rebecca shares that sometimes we want to throw in the towel because things aren’t happening, but if we just wait it out, we can reap harvest or go in a different direction with what we’ve learned.
  • Rebecca explains why we need to remain ‘fluid’ in our relationships… go with the flow… embrace change & new things.
  • Rebecca shares why it’s important to have faith that you’ll get where you’re supposed to be.


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