016: Untangled with Carey Scott


Life gets messy sometimes! Carey addresses the areas where many women struggle with insecurity, and how it can knot us up if we measure our value with the world’s scales. If you’re a women who entertaining the “not-good-enough” message, listen in – this is for you!

Fun Facts about Carey:

  • Carey loves fall & pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. She loves the variety of pumpkin spice products available this time of year.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Carey shares why she believes as women, we tend to pigeon-hole ourselves in our own minds. We have to choose our attitude.
  • Do you look to the world to tell you you’re good enough? Do you ask the world if you matter? Have you gone to the world for remedies? To feel valuable, lovable, accepted? Be encouraged as Carey discusses how to not be knotted up with insecurities.
  • Carey shares why it’s important to have a special group to reach out to when we feel like we’re drowning.
  • Carey shares why she would rather write the word joy in the dust on my table than wipe it off.


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About Carey:

CareyScott_RoundCarey Scott is an author and speaker, honest about her walk with the Lord… stumbles, fumbles and all.

Her passion is reminding women of their immeasurable worth, and speaks and writes about the issues that matter most to the heart of a woman.

Carey lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids, where she tries to be domestic and appreciates the grace when she’s not.



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