012: Have Fun Growing Your Bottom Line with Nicole Fende

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We fear what we don’t know or understand! Learn how to jail your business profit villains with Nicole Fende as she gives faces to the “bad guys” in our business finances. This is a fun conversation you won’t want to miss!

Fun Fact about Nicole:

  • Nicole is a huge Star Wars fan. Starting the first year of her marriage, her husband gave her movie-replica light sabers. She now owns 8. She has them mounted on her office wall and takes them down when her daughter wants to play with them… she believes nothing’s too good to keep yourself from enjoying it.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Nicole shares why it’s important not to hide the FUN side of yourself.
  • Learn why Nicole believes you have to accept the fact that you can’t control everything.
  • Nicole shares why she believes we fear what we don’t see or understand.
  • Nicole shares her unique, fun approach to help others manage their finances… her 3 villains and 3 mascots concept.
  • Nicole shares why time is your most precious resource/asset… what you do with it is what powers your profit.
  • Be inspired as Nicole shares her principal to thrive: “NEVER GIVE UP… We all make mistakes… It’s not a failure unless you quit trying.”


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About Nicole:


NicoleFende_RoundAs an author, speaker, accomplished air guitar player, and tamer of finance fears, Nicole Fende enjoys helping entrepreneurs grow their profits.

She coined the moniker The Numbers Whisperer® to reflect her unique, fun approach to business.

While Nicole’s credentials may impress (Actuary, Chief Financial Officer before 30, Investment Banker in Asia), her true claim to fame is her ability to make finance fun.


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