010: Find Your Inner Cheerleader with Patricia Love

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Whatever you go through in life, go through it with a smile! Join this uplifting conversation with Patricia Love as she cheers us on sharing tools to help us find our inner cheerleader! We’ve all got one!

Fun Fact about Patricia:

  • Patricia likes a good rap song. If it has a good beat and if it’s fun & jazzy, she can be spotted jamming to it in her car. She’s also a fan of Iggy Azalea.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Here more about Patricia’s mission to bring positivity to every life she touches.
  • Be motivated as Patricia shares her words of wisdom… We are all the same. We all have a story …a journey we’re going through. It helps to really listen to people & not be judgmental… to just listen to their story.
  • Patricia shares advice for when YOU are going through a storm… how to find your inner cheerleader.
  • Patricia tells about the most positive, confident woman she has ever met.
  • Patricia shares what she does daily that keeps her believing in herself.
  • Patricia shares a thought provoking question that you should ask yourself when you’re angry.


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About Patricia:


PatriciaLove_RoundPatricia has written 2 eBooks and was asked to write her story for eWomens network in their 2nd addition,”Succeeding through Doubt, Fear, &  Crisis”.

She is a woman who desires to help others find their inner cheerleader, and to help people believe in themselves again after trauma, divorce, financial ruin, death and more!

At www.lifescheerleader.com she strives to support others and give them a daily dose of positivity through videos, workshops, articles, interviews with professionals, mentoring, chat areas and more… all in a private area so you can feel comfortable.


Connect with Patricia:





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