009: Gain Financial Confidence with Lihn Perez

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Would you rather not talk about finances? Embrace the topic with Lihn Perez as she navigates complex financial jargon into layman terms! Listen in while she instills a sense of financial peace in us by breaking it down into 4 layers and taking inventory. It’s that simple.

Fun Fact about Lihn:

  • Linh loves to cook and eat. She thinks it’s the foundation for a great conversation.

Reasons to Tune-In:

  • Find out why Linh wants to make sure that her personal & professional experiences are valuable in a group chain to the people she serves.
  • Learn why Linh believes you should shop around for cheaper car insurance every couple years… and why you should also shop for different rates or plans for electricity.
  • Learn why Linh believes you should give yourself ‘WAIT TIME’… and why it’s important.
  • Linh shares her wisdom with us as she explains why being able to set up realistic expectations for yourself is important.
  • Linh shares the tool she uses that helps her stay centered, thriving, growing & moving forward.


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About Lihn:



Linh works with women to instill confidence in them about current money situations and retirement planning.


She translates the complex financial jargon into layman terms.


Linh has dedicated her practice to ensure that every woman she serves is confident and fluent with BOTH their current and future money matters.


Linh instills a sense of financial peace in every client and they will trust her and know that she will work tirelessly to seek out the BEST solutions for their needs. 


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