006: Forgiveness and Grace with Robyn McLean

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No matter what our past looks like or what our “beginning” story is, it does NOT define our value or humanity. Robyn shares her powerful story of forgiveness and rising above horrific circumstances.

Fun Fact about Robyn:

  • Robyn looks like a girly girl in her heels & dresses, but this down-to-earth girl loves camping & hiking. She doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. She’s aggressive and competitive. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Reasons to Tune-In:

      • Listen as Robyn shares why being able to bring the essence of who she is into her professional life, as well as being creative in helping people is important to her.
      • Hear why Robyn believes that blame shifting is a block to healing.
      • Be encouraged as Robyn shares her process of forgiveness and how God can take the grit in your life & form it into a pearl.
      • Robyn shares a nugget of wisdom for parents.
      • Learn why Robyn believes that one of the people we need to forgive …is ourselves.
      • Robyn shares the tool she applies daily that helps her grow.


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About Robyn:


RobynMcLean_RoundRobyn loves coffee, campfires, and traditional s’mores!

Her wonderful husband, Josh, and her son, Adriel (AJ), live in Colorado Springs where they enjoy being with good friends and acquaintances.

She loves playing piano, singing, writing, speaking, and building websites for a job while she’s am a stay-at-home mom.



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